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Quality Control

Pasco is accredited by the Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA) and is certified to perform construction, maintenance, alteration and repair on ASME B31.1 power piping and ASME B31.3 process piping. Our welding procedure specifications cover the ASME standards, as well as CSA Z662 Pipeline Fabrication and Installation. We hold certificates of quality management systems for Alberta and British Colombia. Our crews are experienced and certified. In addition, our comprehensive quality control program ensures that quality is a key component in each step of the process of any project, big or small.

Project Management/Consulting

Our project management team has a proven track record spanning several decades, and all manner of challenging projects. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure that a project is planned, executed and completed in spec and within budget, safely and efficiently. From planning, organization, to implementation and adaptation. From quality assurance, to cost analysis and controls. Our team has what it takes to see your project through from its initial conception to its completion, while continuously evaluating and streamlining the process, ensuring lower end costs and high quality results. 

  • Quality control and assurance 

  • Estimating 

  • Planning

  • Organization 

  • Cost analysis/control

  • Change Management systems 

  • Procurement

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